According to recent statistics the healthcare industry across GCC is expected to expand by 10-15% between 2017 to 2020 in terms of average growth rates. As the industry is expanding so does the number of people they serve.

Many healthcare organisations recognise the need to provide unique care offerings and customer experiences that are reflected throughout their facility, including additional relaxation areas and comprehensive convenience retail options.

nning to embrace retail strategies to improve their customer experience and provide services across the board to patients, visitors and their own employees.

The retail element in the context of a healthcare facility can generously contribute to the bottom line.

At Retail Boutique we provide the optimum retail strategy for your healthcare organisation. This means designing retail spaces that will seemingly integrate with the facility from the initial planning stages. As well as sourcing the appropriate retail options for each available space.

Our database includes over two thousand retail concepts, covering not only all the major and minor local and regional groups, but a significant number of home-grown brands as well as numerous new brands looking to test the market through specialty retail and pocket shops.


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